a list of great movies everyone should watch

Last Sunday I cried my eyes out watching Dead Poets Society. It made me want to live my life to the fullest, read poetry, go to classes, go to a dark cave with my friends, study literature… Isn’t it beautiful that movies can have this effect on humans? How we laugh and cry and feel for these characters as they go through an adventure or life-changing experience? How we empathize and think about these moving images on a screen? For school I’ve done a lot of research in emotions and the movies and the connection between the two. I find it fascinating how this works and how we,  as spectators, can feel what characters feel, whilst we’re just sitting in a cinema or at home. I just love it. I just love movies.
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my disney forever favourites

Did someone say Disney?
If you are spending a lot of time at home these days, maybe binging a few Disney movies may bring joy to your daily routine! And since I’m baffled with all the options every time I open up the app, I thought I’d make a list of disney movies I’d definitely watch again. To make my life easier, and to give you some tips on what movies to maybe add to your own list!
I also had a little too much fun pasting my head on all of these images. I hope it doesn’t freak you out. It certainly has that effect on me.
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my summer reads ☼

Let’s talk about books!! On goodreads I set myself a challenge: read 19 books in 2019. That’s never going to happen in the last 4 months, because so far I’ve only read 8 books. The goal a way to stimulate myself to read more often, so I’ll just try to get as far as possible. This summer I read three books – three really different books – that I wanted to give a little review on! 

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twee bijzondere boeken

What i believe is when it comes to big things in life,
there are no accidents.
Everything happens for a reason-
and it’s not to fail and die.
– Ransom Riggs, Hollow City

Ik wil jullie graag vertellen over twee boeken die mij de afgelopen tijd vrolijk hebben gemaakt. Twee bijzondere boeken. Ze vertellen allebei een mooi en inspirerend verhaal, maar allebei op hun eigen manier. Dit klinkt heel cheesy, maar je snapt straks wel wat ik bedoel hopelijk.

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