an endless summer – the prospect

Hi, you are catching me at a great time. The beginning of my summer vacation. And I only realized it was the beginning of my summer vacation a few days ago. And then the next thing I realized was… I have 68 days of free time. That is 9 weeks. 2 months. Which I am not planning on spending making money, which probably had been a good idea, but I do love my freedom.

Then, of course, everyone in my direct environment was asking me, and I was starting to ask myself… What am I going to do in these 2 months of endless summer?

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i dressed like rachel green from friends

Like probably 73% of the inhabitants of Earth, I have recently been obsessed with Friends again. My brother is watching it at the moment and I saw it popping up on my Netflix as well, speaking to me like an inner voice, saying: Watch me, watch me!  I remember, the first time I watched season 1, being even more obsessed with Rachel’s outfits. And Monica’s. Now I fell back into that pattern again and ended up pinning all her outfits on Pinterest. I also came across this post from Avewill. She dressed like Rachel Green for a week and I thought, well that is a great challenge.

So… I have been rummaging through my closet and looking up pictures. All to recreate the iconic Rachel outfits (and maybe discover some new day-to-day outfits for myself too).

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a guide to: calligraphy

Hi all! I hope you’re doing well. In this post I want to share some tips and tricks to get calligraphy-ing! I have been loving it for years now and doing it whenever I feel like I need a new quote on my wall. But when I started out I got frustrated by the not-getting-it-right-right-away feeling. It took me some practice and helpful tips to get where I am now and my hands are just aching to share it with you!

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