halloween á la cinema

I have never really celebrated halloween, but I do love the spooky atmosphere that clings to misty streets, dusty cobwebs and just in the darkness of the night. The one thing that always contains this mysterious and slightly creepy vibe is movies, or cinema, if you will. I do not enjoy horror (and after watching Midsommar I’m also not sure if I enjoy thrillers), but I am a sucker for films that are just the right amount of spooky. Enough to be a little frightened of the dark, but not so much that I will not be able to run up the stairs without the lights on. That kind of scary. (And a dash of humor is always welcome!) I have put together a list of my favourite creep-and-still-be-able-to-sleep movies that we might need to get into the halloween spirit this year.

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sunday loves, chapter 1

this past week i’ve been more aware of the joy of the internet. taking a break from instagram is sometimes much needed, but it can also provide as a source of inspiration. and this is not only true for social media, but also for film and television, which expand worlds as ours become smaller. i have put together a little list of favorites regarding these media and also some additional things that have made my week happier.

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remember, september

i can barely remember september. it is as if the memory faded as quickly as it was made. i blame my brain. i blame the days that look alike, the life that was never more the same. i could blame the world, outside my room. but actually only i am to blame, for the barely remembered september.

i feel i’m a bit on the late side to write about last month, but i’ve just been feeling overwhelmed. and weird. and uninspired to write. but now i slowly feel some life flooding back into the part of my brain that loves blogging.

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