two days in maastricht (also known as mestreech among the locals)

05.08.20 – 06.08.20

at the beginning of august, i spent two days in the capital of limburg, but it felt like two hours. we had so much fun that time, our companion, seemed to slip through our hands. but i didn’t mind! and i still don’t mind! we had the best time and it couldn’t have been better. the sun was out and we did everything on our list. and by that i mean my list, the one that i made after researching all the best spots in maastricht. two perfect, hot days in a perfect city. and now, a little post filled with photographs of moments which are now memories.

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three days in cologne

walking along the rhein, catching a few sunrays in the park, cheesecake at schmitz, the starry ceilings in the dom, hiding from the rain, eating the biggest schnitzel, the feeling of vacation… 

And all of this just 3 hours away from home! 
My mom & I took a trip to Köln (Cologne) in Germany! It may sound really random, which it kind of was, but I really wanted to go to the OneRepublic concert & we decided to add a few extra days to explore the city. This felt like the best mini-vacation to just get out of my normal routine. 
If you ever decide to visit Cologne, maybe this post will give you some ideas on what to see and what to do whilst you’re there!

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