what i did on christmas break

First of all, happy new year! I hope you all had a lovely first two weeks (already!) of the year 2020. I certainly did, but last monday the uni-life kind of exploded in my face and I was reminded of the fact how much I still needed to do before the end of the week. But everything went well and I’m feeling this great energy to start this new year!
Over the two weeks of my holiday I took a few snaps of what I was doing & loving. I always love to read weeklogs, but if I were to do them they wouldn’t be very interesting. (“So… I went to school. Again.”) That’s why this recap could be a bit more interesting, since I had the time to do some things else than school 😉
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looking back on 2019…

… and forward to 2020!

We’re entering a new decade! Which feels so weird and cool to say at the same time. I don’t remember entering the last decade in 2010, but I do remember entering 2019 with a sigh of relief 2018 had come to an end. I did value that year and everything I’d learned from the experiences I had. But it felt like the end of a stressful year and that was just what I needed.

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my blog is 4 years old!

Ahhh I still remember that sweet winters day in 2015 when I started my blog… How time flies (when you’re having fun but also some hard times)!

I remember doubting every step I took at the beginning of this adventure. And look at us now! So much has happened. And even in these busy weeks (especially this one, school deadlines…) I wanted to dedicate a post to this amazing anniversary. Partly because I never ever would have thought I’d still be doing this now, but I love it.

I feel like I was kind of original at the beginning of this journey. I came up with new ideas to post and things to write about. I’ve kind of lost that over the years due to lack of time or energy. But now I feel like I’m slowly regaining my voice and just filling my blog with my interests. In the upcoming year I’d like to do this even more. I already have some ideas to incorporate my art in my blog and the exchange abroad which I’m going to make at the beginning of September next year will be another highlight that I can’t wait to share.

And for anyone who reads this: Thank you for your support, kind words and the fact that you’re reading this. It means more to me than you know. I hope you have a lovely sunday & will stick with me for another year ❤

moments of bliss

lately i’ve been a little out of touch. with myself. with the people around me. with life. i’ve been so focused on school and work and the stress that it was giving me. it was all just building up inside me like a storm. until i read one of daisybutter’s petite joys and saw this post on louvette. it made me realize i’d gone too long without noticing the little things. stopping to smell the roses and feel the sunshine on my face. with the upcoming season, autumn, nature gives me so much joy. and i’m happy i caught myself in time to realize it’s time to be a little more mindful & attentional to the world around me. 

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