the many (digital) faces of june

deadlines, online classes & a haircut

Looking back at the month of June, I had a slightly repetitive routine. I was glad to have school on my mind, as it kept me busy, and thankfully let it consume most of my day. I thought I’d share my typical routine and reflect on my experience with getting online classes.

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an endless summer – the prospect

Hi, you are catching me at a great time. The beginning of my summer vacation. And I only realized it was the beginning of my summer vacation a few days ago. And then the next thing I realized was… I have 68 days of free time. That is 9 weeks. 2 months. Which I am not planning on spending making money, which probably had been a good idea, but I do love my freedom.

Then, of course, everyone in my direct environment was asking me, and I was starting to ask myself… What am I going to do in these 2 months of endless summer?

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a letter to my insecurity

posting this wishing no-one reads it or that everyone does, hoping to find kindness, which i know all of you are all the time

Dear Insecurity,

Writing this down I find it hard to start. I guess I’ll start by telling you how much I hate you. I’m sorry if that hurt your feelings, but it’s the truth. I hate how you make me feel when I’m in a new situation. Telling me that it is probably not even going to work, to not even try. Even before failing, before gaining lessons. For putting doubts in my head that weigh me down, even when I most need you not to. You make me doubt my every move, whispering your silent, empty words, gnawing at my good thoughts. Eating away Carelessness and Confidence. “Will you ever have enough?” I sometimes ask you. No is your reply. “No and you couldn’t stop me even if you tried.” Because it’s not that I don’t try to get rid of you. I’ve read my share of books and quotes. When will it be enough?

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what i did on christmas break

First of all, happy new year! I hope you all had a lovely first two weeks (already!) of the year 2020. I certainly did, but last monday the uni-life kind of exploded in my face and I was reminded of the fact how much I still needed to do before the end of the week. But everything went well and I’m feeling this great energy to start this new year!
Over the two weeks of my holiday I took a few snaps of what I was doing & loving. I always love to read weeklogs, but if I were to do them they wouldn’t be very interesting. (“So… I went to school. Again.”) That’s why this recap could be a bit more interesting, since I had the time to do some things else than school 😉
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