fantasy book series that i love

There’s nothing better than discovering a great book and realizing that there is more of that amazingness after you’ve read the first book. It’s the original binging and it’s great. But the search for a said book series is a difficult one. At least, in my experience. That is why I want to sum up my favorites in this post! I do hope a fellow booklover reads this and can give me recommendations as well 😉

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on the riverbank

two girls sitting on the riverbank. snapping away with their cameras. enjoying life as it is, enjoying company, treasuring friendship and blessing their creative minds. one of them sat and viewed the scene, their scene, as if she were an outsider. she would laugh at them, shake her head at those silly girls, snapping away on the riverbank. but she wasn’t an outsider, she was living that moment, that memorable moment on the riverbank.

she would not have had it any other way.

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an endless summer – the prospect

Hi, you are catching me at a great time. The beginning of my summer vacation. And I only realized it was the beginning of my summer vacation a few days ago. And then the next thing I realized was… I have 68 days of free time. That is 9 weeks. 2 months. Which I am not planning on spending making money, which probably had been a good idea, but I do love my freedom.

Then, of course, everyone in my direct environment was asking me, and I was starting to ask myself… What am I going to do in these 2 months of endless summer?

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i dressed like rachel green from friends

Like probably 73% of the inhabitants of Earth, I have recently been obsessed with Friends again. My brother is watching it at the moment and I saw it popping up on my Netflix as well, speaking to me like an inner voice, saying: Watch me, watch me!  I remember, the first time I watched season 1, being even more obsessed with Rachel’s outfits. And Monica’s. Now I fell back into that pattern again and ended up pinning all her outfits on Pinterest. I also came across this post from Avewill. She dressed like Rachel Green for a week and I thought, well that is a great challenge.

So… I have been rummaging through my closet and looking up pictures. All to recreate the iconic Rachel outfits (and maybe discover some new day-to-day outfits for myself too).

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