sunday loves, chapter 1

this past week i’ve been more aware of the joy of the internet. taking a break from instagram is sometimes much needed, but it can also provide as a source of inspiration. and this is not only true for social media, but also for film and television, which expand worlds as ours become smaller. i have put together a little list of favorites regarding these media and also some additional things that have made my week happier.

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remember, september

i can barely remember september. it is as if the memory faded as quickly as it was made. i blame my brain. i blame the days that look alike, the life that was never more the same. i could blame the world, outside my room. but actually only i am to blame, for the barely remembered september.

i feel i’m a bit on the late side to write about last month, but i’ve just been feeling overwhelmed. and weird. and uninspired to write. but now i slowly feel some life flooding back into the part of my brain that loves blogging.

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two days in maastricht (also known as mestreech among the locals)

05.08.20 – 06.08.20

at the beginning of august, i spent two days in the capital of limburg, but it felt like two hours. we had so much fun that time, our companion, seemed to slip through our hands. but i didn’t mind! and i still don’t mind! we had the best time and it couldn’t have been better. the sun was out and we did everything on our list. and by that i mean my list, the one that i made after researching all the best spots in maastricht. two perfect, hot days in a perfect city. and now, a little post filled with photographs of moments which are now memories.

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