a little back to school diy

hi lovelies! it’s been a while… almost a month! i hope you had a nice august. i’ve definitely had a lovely august and september started off well. i did a little back to school diy since i couldn’t find any nice new notebooks and i still had some lined ones laying around! 

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As july engrained its memories into my soul I was grateful.

I feel i’ve been standing still this month, taking a deliberate breath,

like a comma in a sentence,

to be able to learn and grow,

but also to take it slow.

July has thought me a lot,

that standing still doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not moving,

that looking ahead or rather worrying can be so useless,

but so hard to stop.

And that every day will look and feel differently than you imagined it to,

which is why,


was so full of surprises.

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a monday bake – victoria sponge cake

I remember sitting down in a café in a town close to the English coast. Seagulls and salt and fish & chips restaurants. Piers and crashing waves and wind. I was with my family and we decided to have an afternoon tea at Billy’s. Our new favourite after that trip.

I remember sitting outside, enjoying the summer sun we were so grateful of. We drank tea and ordered scones and cake. I don’t know who ordered the Victoria Sponge cake or if it was just included with everything else, but it would be the first time I tasted it. I remember it being very delicious, but I never ate it again after that. Which is a shame! In my memory this cake was delicious and that is why I wanted to bake it myself…

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fantasy book series that i love

There’s nothing better than discovering a great book and realizing that there is more of that amazingness after you’ve read the first book. It’s the original binging and it’s great. But the search for a said book series is a difficult one. At least, in my experience. That is why I want to sum up my favorites in this post! I do hope a fellow booklover reads this and can give me recommendations as well 😉

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on the riverbank

two girls sitting on the riverbank. snapping away with their cameras. enjoying life as it is, enjoying company, treasuring friendship and blessing their creative minds. one of them sat and viewed the scene, their scene, as if she were an outsider. she would laugh at them, shake her head at those silly girls, snapping away on the riverbank. but she wasn’t an outsider, she was living that moment, that memorable moment on the riverbank.

she would not have had it any other way.

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