shadows of two months past

✧ december & january from my camera roll ✧

I get so much joy from assembling my favourite snapshots from the past month(s). Otherwise I would not look back at the pictures in my camera roll as much. Even though the moments have been small, almost unnoticable and slow, they are still beautiful moments in time.

For today’s post I just wanted to drop the pictures here. Let them be there for when we look back. As I always seem to be doing lately.

⭐︎ december ⭐︎

garden centre adventures (when we still could go out) • beautiful soft winter sundown • sending letters to loved ones • 2020 on spotify • the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society, comfort film • christmas summed up • baking ‘pepernoten’ • misty runs • pip on the radiator by the window, her new favorite spot in my room • i tried red lipstick and was only capable of taking blurry pictures of it

⭐︎ january ⭐︎

new year’s eve outside in our garden, lighting only sparkles as fireworks are forbidden • creating again, this time for my mother’s 51st birthday, probably whilst watching tangled • a red head after running, before i discovered the joy of dance workouts on youtube • driving home with my mom after work • doesn’t it look cold outside? from my window to the world • never before was i so hyped to get a vaccine • when it had snowed and it felt like much, i couldn’t hear my future self calling; wait till its february! there’ll be snow -good snow- for a week! • looking out into the galaxy, pondering over the fever dream that january turned out to be; always inside, always working or thinking about my thesis, about focalization and camera movement, but it never felt too stressed

Whilst life in lockdown isn’t as exciting as it was before, I feel like excitement is never really far. The bar has been lowered, and even the smallest trips and activities make me feel happy and satisfy my needs. It is strange how my look on the world and on my habits and life has changed in the course of a year, and under critical circumstances, of course. Somehow, I do think it has taught and is teaching me valuable lessons about life..

I hope you are all well!

love, Eva ♥︎

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