5 year anniversary…

… of the blog! a teacup of me is five years old! Five! As you might be able to tell, I am surprised I kept it up this long. But it is all thanks to you, my dearest readers. Although I haven’t (ever) been very constant with posting, you are reading this. Thank you! However scary the internet might sometimes feel, I can always come on here and speak my mind to perfect strangers and blogging friends.

I had trouble thinking of something I could write in this post, but moments like these always make me look back… So I made a list (of course) of my favourite posts from the last years. A lot of them are in Dutch, but if you go to the post and look at the sidebar, you can find a translate button if you want to read it!

⚜︎ this past year ⚜︎

three days in cologne – I can NOT believe I still went to Cologne this year. It was just before the virus happened. Still, I am so glad my mom and I went, because it was something I could hold on to this year. And I love the post.

oh, april – I love this post because the title sounds like the start of a poem. I also feel it was one of the most inspired months I’ve had this year and it is interesting to read back how we accustomed to life in lockdown. It was a month of baking, sun, reading and creating.

a teacup of life – Then June came and still no good news. Luckily I had nice uni courses to spend my time with. And a lot of inspiration to write on my book. It is posts like these that I love looking back on, since it perfectly captures my state of mind.

⚜︎ one year ago ⚜︎

kiekjes uit lille (snapshots from lille) – This brings back good memories. I’m not your typical social student, so going away with my student association was a challenge. But I am so glad I went, had a great time and look back on this post with wanderlust.

malaysia diaries – Travel diaries are my favourite posts. The photography, the faraway places and new cultures. Especially in these posts! My first time in Asia, how quickly you forget the great trips you’ve made! And how I wish I was back in our little hotel in Georgetown, eating cake and taking pictures with amazing street art…

september softness – This is the post that inspired me to make more collages. I just love the pink hues. Not necessarily the content of the post, but just the aesthetics. I think this post made me develop my own style a bit further.

⚜︎ two years ago ⚜︎

studeren in utrecht (studying in utrecht) – The first time I really felt a gut feeling was about the study I wanted to do. Utrecht felt so right that it was almost scary. The study I ended up doing came into my life so sudden and unexpected. Reading this post I feel the same thrills I had when I knew I had made a decision. A right decision. And that I couldn’t wait to start studying, but was at the same time very frightened by the end of my high school career..

england photo diaries – Well, as you might know by now, England is my happy place. Again with the gut feeling: I think I somehow belong there, or have lived my previous life on that island.

roman holiday – A post of two parts of my first trip abroad without parents or teachers! And with my best friend! I loved it and hated it, but looking back I love it so much more. Rome is beautiful. Gosh I want to travel.

⚜︎ three years ago ⚜︎

een onvergetelijke week in spanje (an unforgettable week in spain) – Well, I did forget. A little. But my blog reminds me of the amazing things I have had the opportunity to do. And this was one of them: an exchange to Spain in 2016.

looking for jack frost – Armed with a camera, a friend of mine and I used to wander around our neighborhood, looking for special places to capture. This is my favourite one, I think.

the lisbon diaries – One of my most favourite trips (down memory lane). Sun, sightseeing and tourbusses. I made new friends and took a lot of pictures.

⚜︎ four years ago ⚜︎

london in vogelvlucht (london from bird’s eye view) – My first travel post and a memorable one. This is where my love for London blossomed. I went there for four days with my dad and had the best time. I could take my, then new, camera and snap away. Back home the fun didn’t end, because I had this place to share my pictures!

black skirts & blue rivers – I look back on this post with such a big smile on my face. In the end this post wasn’t about the outfit at all, but we had a fun afternoon, shooting pictures, getting weird comments from cyclists, laughing lots. I can’t believe it’s been four years!

As you can see, my favorites are an amalgamation of diaries, photography, monthly overviews and life-changing moments. My love for writing and photography has been able to blossom here, and grow and have ‘roots’. As this blog enters its fifth year of existence, I hope there are many more posts to come in the next five years…

love, Eva ♥︎

8 thoughts on “5 year anniversary…”

  1. ahhh 5 jaar al, wauw!! de tijd gaat snel hihi 🙂 ik heb je posts altijd met plezier gelezen, echt love jouw stijl van schrijven en foto’s nemen en gewoon die vibe die bij jouw blog hoort, love it! hopelijk geniet je nog lang van deze posts schrijven, want ik hou er echt van om ze te lezen!! liefs, ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dat is zo ongelofelijk fijn om te horen!! Je leest ook al zo lang mee en daar ben ik je heel erg dankbaar voor ❤ Ik lees ook met net zo veel plezier jouw blogjes en al je lieve comments! ❤


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