☁︎ staying at home, november skies & birthdays ☁︎

It seems all I do nowadays is write monthly overviews. Which I love. But can be quite repetitive. Soon I hope to integrate a bit more variation into this piece of the internet, but for now… I’ll stick to a monthly blog with blurry photos and good memories ❤

The first thing I had to think of when remembering my month was: “The November skies are my favourite.” When it is not rainy, but there are always a few clouds lining the sky, colored pink by the setting sun. It looks cold outside, but I am warm inside. This november I had to stay inside a lot, since both my mom and brother got infected. Luckily they didn’t suffer a lot from the virus, but it did mean that we all had to stay inside. We got a lot of cards and flowers and food (my grandmother’s delicious meatballs! and even our neighbor brought us food!) which warmed our hearts as well as filled our bellies. In times like these you really feel the kindness of the people around you, even though they cannot be close physically.

I almost forgot to tell you that I also started to follow a new course at university! It is not exactly what I expected (due to all the restrictions), but I do have a nice group for the assignment. It is about curating interactive art and we are also going to create our own (fake) exhibition.

My thesis proposal got approved in November, which I was so so so glad about. I suddenly got very nervous before handing it in and thought there was a chance that it wouldn’t be good enough, but luckily it was! So now I’m delving right into The Hunger Games to analyse the film thoroughly…

It was my 21st birthday on the 11th of November, hence all the cards on one of the previous pictures. The calendar picture kind of perfectly summed up what a virus does to your social life (; When I came downstairs on the big day I looked to my right and there was an enormous 21 balloon (which I of course needed to pose in front of..)! And a garland made out of pictures of me from the past years. A lot of pictures. But it was so nice! Even though I hate myself on pictures, these were photos that I had not seen for years and years (due to our digitalized culture) and reminded me of so many great moments and how rich and wonderful my life has been up til now (already!!).

I organized a 21st-birthday-high-tea-party for my bestest gals, with an appropriate distance from each other (ofc!!). My mom and I made scones, carrot cake, pigs-in-a-blankets and tortilla rolls. It was delicious and fun and an afternoon where I could forget the trials of the times (sounds so dramatic, i know) and the great friendships I have made over the years. Yvon made me the most beautiful present: a nostalgic one. A box with multiple layers of pictures! From Lisbon, Fright Night, Maastricht, Escape rooms, dinners and movies… (Afterwards we still had scones left for a week or two!)

Near the end of the month I visited my niece, who recently moved to Nijmegen. Next to the most beautiful hilled forest, which we of course took a walk in. We had the best catch-up when I arrived. We saw the movie Tenet and cooked dinner together. I think it was one of my favourite days of November.

Then right before we had to go into self isolation again, we went for a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful day, the freshness of the wind coloring my cheeks and cleared my head. This year really has made me see how important nature is as a factor for my well-being. And food, because we had a delicious toastie after and some hot cocoa. ❤

But, like any month this past year, and probably also the years before that, it was not all ups, there were also downs. I feel like I do not often talk about them as much, because I like my blog to be a happy place. I do feel, however, that it is good to be aware that it is not all sunshine and smiles. My mental health is either really good or really bad in the past few months, there is not really an in-between. And I also think because we have a lot more time to think about how we feel, it is more prominent than ever (which is not always the best thing to have on your mind, constantly, because sometimes you just feel sad or happy for no reason and no way to change it). Still, looking back, even though the conditions weren’t perfect, November was nice and memorable.

that wraps up my november talk, i hope you had a lovely month as well ♥︎

Love, Eva

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