sunday loves, chapter 1

this past week i’ve been more aware of the joy of the internet. taking a break from instagram is sometimes much needed, but it can also provide as a source of inspiration. and this is not only true for social media, but also for film and television, which expand worlds as ours become smaller. i have put together a little list of favorites regarding these media and also some additional things that have made my week happier.

from the movie rebecca

things i loved

for the cinephilesrebecca came out this week, starring none other than lily james and armie hammer. lily is one of my favourite actresses and i can NOT contain my excitement whenever a new movie is released on netflix that looks as gorgeous as this one. i know what i’ll be watching tonight!

downton wars • if you love downton abbey, you will love this video. if you love downton abbey and star wars, you will love that same video even more. this week it got recommended to me on youtube and i have been missing out before i watched it. where has this been all my life (or, more accurately, the past 5 years of my life since this video was already released in 2015)?

wie is de mol – the final episode • j’adore this program on the dutch and belgian television. and the disclosure in the final episode is always something to dread, since it will mean the end of another season, but also to look forward to, since it means the reveal of the person who sabotaged the games throughout the episodes. i was suspicious of many people and only of the real saboteur in the last three episodes or so. but it was once again, amazing to watch.

an insecure book • blogger and (my) style icon olivia purvis released a book this year called the insecure girl’s handbook and i have cozied up with the lovely pink book on dark rainy nights to provide me some comfort amongst all the chaos. sometimes insecurity gets to us, heck, sometimes it feels like it is part of our identity (at least, that is how it feels for me). this book provides some really great tips, but most of all it represents the insecure boy or girl and helps to show that we are not alone.

picture from @soaudreyhepburn

on the interwebz

beautiful news • this site called beautiful news gives, you guessed it, beautiful news. all that is good in the world on one colorful page to scroll through and give you all the good vibes. because for every thing that is bad in the world, there is some good. and this site reminds you of that.

lovely letters • there are two weekly mails that are very kind to my mailbox and always get me excited to read them: the frankie magazine and what olivia did. they also inspired me to create a weekly post filled with the bits i loved seeing this week!

picture from @wearethebrowns

on the blog

i did not post a lot in the last few weeks since school kind of took over my agenda, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to look back on! seeing these dreamy holiday pics makes me want to travel (however restricted) all over again.

shadows of two months past

✧ december & january from my camera roll ✧ I get so much joy from assembling my favourite snapshots from the past month(s). Otherwise I would not look back at the pictures in my camera roll as much. Even though the moments have been small, almost unnoticable and slow, they are still beautiful moments in… Continue reading shadows of two months past

a new year

Dear reader, thank you for joining me in (finally) starting this new year. I’ve been inhaling knowledge and exhaling words for my thesis and did not want to push myself even more to also update on here as well. That is why it has been a little quieter from my side, but I still loved… Continue reading a new year

my 2020 goodreads challenge

If there was one thing that kept me entertained during this year (other than uni) it was reading. At the beginning of 2020, I set myself a challenge, a reading challenge on goodreads. It is not a very ~impressive~ number, but next to reading for school it is more than I’ve ever challenged myself: 20… Continue reading my 2020 goodreads challenge

i hope you had a lovely week!

love, eva

2 thoughts on “sunday loves, chapter 1”

  1. ik word weer zo blij van dit artikel 🙂 rebecca ziet er een geweldige film uit!! en jaa de mol is zo leuk altijd! ik heb tot nu toe enkel de belgische versie gekeken, maar misschien moet ik de nederlandse ook eens gaan bekijke, 🙂 have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. de nederlandse is ook erg leuk!! ik heb van de belgische 1 aflevering gezien maar LOVE IT! ook een fijne week aan jou ❤


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