vacation 2020, pt. 2


in just two hours from our home, there was zonnemaire. there we would set up our tents and caravan and stay for the remainder of our vacation. it immediately felt different from drenthe. we stood in the midst of farmlands (which actually wasn’t so different from drenthe) and the wind was much fiercer (which was different). instead of being surrounded by trees, we were surrounded by dikes and animals. they even had alpaca’s and walibi’s on the farm, which we got to feed on the first day. zeeland was breezes and salt and a very cold sea. but we went in anyways. it was (lots of) bolussen (so delicious) and brocante, vintage shops and finds (if you ever find yourself in zierikzee, know that it is vintage heaven). it was cycling and fighting the wind, buying local farming products at stands next to houses. it was churches in every small town and never feeling far from home. zeeland was making salads for dinner and doing games (especially yahtzee and ligretto) afterwards. it was winning and losing and laughing too hard. 

it was also storm. on one of the nights we didn’t get any sleep from the wind that was pulling on our tents and ringing in our ears. it was spending a few days inside, hiding from the rain, doing nothing but reading, eating and watching gilmore girls. being too hot and too cold. wearing socks in my flipflops. 

on the last day we visited the watersnoodramp museum, which explained the events and emotions of the inhabitants of zeeland and parts of south holland during the flood in 1953. it was a very impressive exhibition, with multiple audiovisual projections of the journaals (news broadcasts) which showed the damage of the water, evacuations and the aftermath. 

staying in the netherlands during the summer holiday was a lot more fun than i thought. and i’ve gotten so much more in touch with “my” country than i normally would, which was nice. but to be really, really honest… i did miss the foreign feeling of faraway places sometimes. but right now, i wish i was back in zeeland.

love, eva

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