drenthe & groningen

summer vacation 2020, pt. 1

drenthe & a day in groningen

“drenthe feels like a dream, or a memory,” i wrote in my notes on the 15th of august. it was the first week of our staycation, meaning we (the fam & i) would camp with the caravan and tents in the netherlands. drenthe reminded me of all our past vacations, the trips we made. and that was the greatest gift this vacation could give me. i was reminded of the forests in england, where we went and mountainbiked three years ago. of austria, with its beautiful lakes, which we swam in on multiple warm days. reading books at the edge. and it even reminded me of malaysia sometimes, in the moments in between.

we only had a week in drenthe before moving on to our second destination, zeeland, but it was filled with walking and breathtaking sunsets and cycling and swimming and reading. we visited the hunebedden, which are prehistoric graves, and camp westerbork. i feel i’ve gotten in touch with my national history and gained more respect for my country as well. there were beautiful expositions on the second world war, explaining not only what happened, but also paying tribute to the people who had to live in that truth. we also felt the ground shake from thunder and lightning, but had the most beautiful weather as well. we visited groningen, and oh how i loved that city! it was terribly busy, which was unfortunate, but once we got out of the busy spots i felt so calm and familiar with the city. i’d never been there before, but it would be a lovely destination to be (or study) in the future. 

in short, drenthe was a dream, and a memory at once.

love, eva

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