two days in maastricht (also known as mestreech among the locals)

05.08.20 – 06.08.20

at the beginning of august, i spent two days in the capital of limburg, but it felt like two hours. we had so much fun that time, our companion, seemed to slip through our hands. but i didn’t mind! and i still don’t mind! we had the best time and it couldn’t have been better. the sun was out and we did everything on our list. and by that i mean my list, the one that i made after researching all the best spots in maastricht. two perfect, hot days in a perfect city. and now, a little post filled with photographs of moments which are now memories.

top things to do and see in maastricht;

eat lunch @ cafe zondag; walk across all the bridges; go to the vrijthof and see the city hall; eat dinner on one of the big plaza’s; shop for books at dominicanen (a beautiful church now used as a bookstore!); visit the sphinxkwartier to discover the history of ceramics in maastricht; buy a cheap breakfast at the supermarket and enjoy it in the shadow of the trees on the side of the maas, with feet dangling over the edge of the quay; walk across the high bridge to the city park, and walk through the helpoort from there, towards the basilica of our lady, to spot the cutest streets and cafés; enter the basilica for an informative audiotour; visit a piece of cake for the most delicious treats; go back home with all the good memories.

have you ever been to maastricht?

love, eva

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