a little back to school diy

hi lovelies! it’s been a while… almost a month! i hope you had a nice august. i’ve definitely had a lovely august and september started off well. i did a little back to school diy since i couldn’t find any nice new notebooks and i still had some lined ones laying around! 

i love how the cover turned out and it’s really easy, all you need is a collage of your favourite images (or in my case, a pinterest filled with said images), a printer and some scissors! (and glue, glue is important) then, lay out your collage the way you want to and paste the images on the front accordingly. i filled in the gaps with my favourite washi tapes and tadaa!

lots of people take notes on their laptop but i’m a sucker for stationary and writing things down. it also gives me the opportunity to doodle a bit whilst listening to lectures… 😉

the only thing i’m bummed about is not being able to show off my homemade notebook cover at university. but i’ll be admiring it every time i write down notes and listen to the teachers via microsoft teams. 

how do you like to take notes? and what year or study are you going to attend this year? 

love, eva

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