an endless summer – the prospect

Hi, you are catching me at a great time. The beginning of my summer vacation. And I only realized it was the beginning of my summer vacation a few days ago. And then the next thing I realized was… I have 68 days of free time. That is 9 weeks. 2 months. Which I am not planning on spending making money, which probably had been a good idea, but I do love my freedom.

Then, of course, everyone in my direct environment was asking me, and I was starting to ask myself… What am I going to do in these 2 months of endless summer?

I could just tune into the Phineas & Ferb title song, but I am not going to do that… I am going to do something very similar. Make a list. 1. Because I love lists (Did any of my Dutch readers read Lena Lijstje when they were younger? I adored her..) 2. Because making the list was the first thing on my list and 3. I need all the possibilities on paper.

And, I always feel weird saying this but… 4. Inspire you with things to do this summer!

The List

1. Make a list of things you want to do this summer (check!)

2. Be mindful

I’m always busy with planning ahead and thinking about what I want to do next. But this way I can’t really enjoy everything on this list. So, the first thing I want to put forward is to be mindful, to really take the time to do things and to enjoy them whilst they are happening.

3. Blog & buy my own domain

I have been talking about this for years now and haven’t put it into action: buying a domain. Now I have wordpress and it will be much easier to actually realize this dream. But it’s also something I keep putting off. This summer, I’m just going to do it!

4. Learn something new (and there are a lot of sub-categories in this point…)

Embroidery, rollerskating, digital drawing… I want to practice these things this summer!

5. Clean my room

Is it necessary? Yes. Absolutely. I kind of turn into a dust collector when I am too busy with school. And there is a lot of dust in my room. I also need to clean every surface I own and my mirrors. So I might need a day to do this. I do love to do it though, with some music on and just almost mindlessly cleaning away…

6. Sell clothes

My closet is quite full. And I do wear a lot of those clothes, but over the years I have also collected a few mishaps that I do not wear, but can’t say goodbye to. I also still have my prom dress and I’m thinking of giving it a second-home.

7. Photograph & test out all my analog cameras

I have not been practicing my photographic skills (if I ever had them). Which is a shame and I love to do it. So, photography is on the list. And – analogs. I have three beauties collecting dust (in the room that needs serious dusting) and with two of them I haven’t even taken pictures yet or checked if they actually work. In one of them there is a full rol so I need to get those developed too!

8. Graphic design

I followed a course in graphic design and I want to keep creating! I might digitalize some more drawings or maybe make a little magazine? Who knows.

9. Meet with friends

I miss my friends. I hope we can see each other loads this summer.

10. Sell art (question mark???)

Okay, maybe the not making money part wasn’t true. But it was not untrue either? I think I want to maybe create an art account and post something every day. I want to see if anyone would be interesting in me making a portrait of them or anything. I just think it would be so much fun to draw for someone, or to get a specific goal and create something for someone. Concrete plans I do not have, but I do have a tiny dream to sell my art.

11. Create a short film / music video

YES! I’m so excited about this. I was listening to Burn Out by Imagine Dragons and got an idea for a music video / short film type thingy to put over this song. I still need to write everything down but I really want to make it, since the last music video I made was so much fun to do (and it has been so long since I made that one). I only need to convince my brother to be in it as the protagonist. Then I’m good to go.

12. Watch movies

I have a whole list of movies I want to watch and re-watch this summer, made by past Eva whilst she could not watch movies but had to study, so instead she was daydreaming of having plenty of time to watch movies.

13. Read books

I had to put it on the list. On vacation I love to read books, so that’s exactly what I am going to do.

14. Paint

I have never really been good at painting (like, with actual paint), so that is something I want to practice.

15. Write

Next to writing a music video, I want to continue writing my ‘novel’.

16. Make waffles. Or a high tea!

If I can’t go to England, I must bring England here. We also recently got a waffle iron, so I can NOT wait to try it out.

17. Make my own earrings

I’ve tried this before, but it takes a little more practice than I thought. So I’m going to try again and make earrings with clay!

What are you planning on doing this summer?

Love, Eva

6 thoughts on “an endless summer – the prospect”

  1. Tof lijstje en zalig dat je zo’n lange vakantie hebt 🙂 Wij hebben drie weken vakantie en hebben eigenlijk ook niet echt plannen. Misschien eens naar zee of misschien een paar dagen kamperen. We’ll see. Ik ga alleszins ook wel wat dingen van je lijstje proberen doen zoals boeken lezen, kleren verkopen, opruimen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oeeh kei tof lijstje! natuurlijk heb ik ook al een lijstje gemaakt hihi (wie houdt er nu niet van lijstjes???) en er zijn een paar van deze dingen die ik er ook heb opstaan! een muziek video maken lijkt me zooo cool, wow! veel plezier met je broer te overtuigen hahaha 🙂 en rolschaatsen is echt een aanrader, zo leuk om te doen bij warm weer!! alles klink zo tof, geniet van de vakantie!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ondanks het feit dat je het zo raar vond om te zeggen, je hebt mij wel degelijk geïnspireerd met uw lijstje. Een deel van wat je hebt genoteerd staat ook op mijn lijstje en ik kijk er echt al enorm naar uit. Ik vind vooral het feit dat ik mij niet meer druk moet maken om taken tegen de juiste deadline in te dienen haha. Want vakantie heb ik naar mijn gevoel al sinds maart… oeps

    Veel plezier deze zomer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ik vond jouw lijstje ook zeer leuk!! Het is toch fijn een beetje houvast te hebben, vooral nu inderdaad… Jij ook veel plezier deze zomer! Liefs! ❤


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