i dressed like rachel green from friends

Like probably 73% of the inhabitants of Earth, I have recently been obsessed with Friends again. My brother is watching it at the moment and I saw it popping up on my Netflix as well, speaking to me like an inner voice, saying: Watch me, watch me!  I remember, the first time I watched season 1, being even more obsessed with Rachel’s outfits. And Monica’s. Now I fell back into that pattern again and ended up pinning all her outfits on Pinterest. I also came across this post from Avewill. She dressed like Rachel Green for a week and I thought, well that is a great challenge.

So… I have been rummaging through my closet and looking up pictures. All to recreate the iconic Rachel outfits (and maybe discover some new day-to-day outfits for myself too).

The One with the Birth – Season 1 Episode 23

This was the first outfit I did and the reason I started to recreate Rachel’s outfits in the first place. Her outfit looked so much like the items I had laying around in my closet that I just had to copy it. Thanks to my brother for giving me instructions on how to place my legs and hands and taking the picture.

The One with the Sonogram at the End – Season 1 Episode 2

This must be my favourite outfit. Again, with dungarees. Again, sooo Rachel. And again, I had everything in my closet. I wish I had a great pair of vintage denim dungarees laying around, but I guess that’s just something you have to stumble upon. However, I did get a new secondhand bag which is an old camera bag.

The One with All the Resolutions – Season 5 Episode 11

A simpler outfit, but just as fun. Rachel always rocks the good basics and she was also the reason I got this grey top. I did not have a 00’s phone, but I did have an older edition… And the same shocking message on the phone, of course.

The One with George Stephanopoulos – Season 1 Episode 4

Bear with me on this one (And ignore the crinkly shorts). I did my best. Rachel’s sleepwear outfits are the best thing, so I had to at least include one of them.

The One with the Football – Season 3 Episode 9

Borrowed a cap from my dad and was good to go! This was such a fun episode and although I could relate more with Monica and Ross’s competitive sibling fight I did want to create Rachel’s sporty outfit. I only swapped the shirt for the sweater, but found it quite fitting since it says New York.

The One with the Soap Opera Party – Season 9 Episode 20

And last but not least! From an episode in season 9. This was a really coincidental outfit match. I just bought this top from H&M and then saw a similar picture of Rachel wearing a white top. Also, the one time I need my hair to be straight it has volume? I give up…

Things I’ve learned from this challenge? One, caps look ridiculous on me. Two, Rachel can make anything work. And three, trends come back around more often than I thought. Moreover, this was really fun to do. I might do something similar in the future! It’s a great way to get fashion inspiration.

Love, Eva

pictures of Rachel are from Pinterest

10 thoughts on “i dressed like rachel green from friends”

  1. omg yes i loooooove all the outfits the girls wear in friends (the guys outfits too, but yeah haha)!! i really want a pair of vintage dungarees like rachel, but yours is so pretty too! you really did good with all the outfits! i love this post haha

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