a teacup of life – week 23

I swear, this week felt like a whole month. When I look at the pictures of the beach I took I can’t believe that was past Sunday. For a minute I thought my phone had it wrong. I think it’s because of the weather: it was really hot and sunny in the beginning of the week, but the sun has swapped for wind and rain in the last few days.

On Sunday the fam & I went to the beach. It was marvelous. And strange. We have not done anything like this in ages and doing something – even just going away with the car – was a breath of fresh air. Literally and figuratively. It was very windy but still a nice temperature. We took a walk, even let our toes feel the cold water and then laid out our tablecloths on the sand. We had pizza and watched the sun go down. Oh, and I read my book. What else could I ask for?

Then it was June! My calendar wasn’t particularly full for this month, but looking at the events that are not going to happen made me kind of sad… All the birthdays gone un-celebrated and the concert unvisited. I hope that next year the world will look different.

I did, however, visit a city with my mom. We went to drop off my brother at school (I drove again since a looong time…) and went to Delft. We sat down at the terrace of Kobus Kuch, not before sanitizing our hands and answering ‘no’ to a couple of virus related questions. We had a delicious piece of apple pie which I could barely finish and then we went off to visit Dille & Kamille and Groene Vingers. I bought a Pilea there in a really cute pot and I love it. It keeps me company on my desk right now.

The next days I realized how busy I was going to be the next two weeks. School is taking over my life because we are approaching the final-assignments deadlines. So, the rest of the week I followed online seminars and lectures and revisited some of my assignments. I really like my courses, since I can write about movies and series I love and topics that interest me. Still, I do feel a bit stressed about all the final assignments, but that’s just normal.

Love, Eva ♡

5 thoughts on “a teacup of life – week 23”

  1. Je foto’s zien er zo fijn uit! Lijkt me een leuk weekje. Tof dat jullie naar het strand konden ook. Daar ben ik ook al eeuwen niet meer geweest maar ik heb binnen een maand weer vakantie en ik hoop dan toch minstens 1 keer de zee te zien 🙂 Mooi bloesje heb je ook aan op die eerste foto!


  2. zo leuk weer, aahh ik heb echt zoveel zin om weer eens naar de zee te gaan nu het weer mag!! succes met je taken en examens voor school 🙂


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