a little overview of my month in quarantine…


At the first of May my new bag arrived (and WOW excuse the very dirty mirror, I need to clean that asap)! Well, new… It’s a second hand, vintage camera bag, which I have been looking for since forever. I love these old type camera bags and really wanted to use one as a purse. I found the perfect one on Marktplaats and even got a mini-version with it as well.

It was mother’s day this month! And I love this picture of me and my mama a lot of years ago, so I thought I’d give it a little spot on here! I made her a card with on it her favourite mug & cake.

What kept me busy this month is the graphic design course I am following next to my normal studies. We are all encouraged to start on our own case, so I got experimenting with Illustrator to digitalize my hand lettering. I made a quote about the stars, which I thought fit well with the current situation.

Speaking of creating, this month was a great month in terms of watercolor. In last months post I also wrote about it, but now I feel like I really got the hang of working with it. I love drawing little persons and usually never colored my pencil-sketches. Now I finally feel confident enough to color them with watercolor!

I have also been reading so much! That is what great weather does to me, it brings the bookworm out. My favourite spot was sitting on the balcony with Pip laying by my side. I read Peter Pan, Uprooted and the Hazel Wood. It was great to read the classic Peter Pan and finally seeing the original words on paper! I really recommend it, J.M. Barrie has a great writing style. Uprooted took me a long-long time to finish and I did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked, but I did finish it. Plus, her writing was sometimes also very beautiful and inspiring. The Hazel Wood is also a recommendation if you like dark fairytales!

I even used the balcony as a place to study or type assignments 🙂 Or to re-watch Downton Abbey and Friends for the gazillionth time… Or write my book with Imagine Dragons blaring through my earbuds (my favourite way to spend time nowadays).

also a great month for testing purple eyeshadow apparently…

I also heard that my exchange in the new school year has been cancelled by my university. I really understand this decision and I think it’s a good decision, since I was doubting going there anyways. Still, I feel sad that I can’t look forward to going to England and studying there next semester. They are trying to maybe find a spot for me in the second semester, which I hope will happen! So I have a little hope to still be going abroad, only a little delayed. In all these events I think I have found some sort of peace of mind. What come will come my way. It has made me more aware of how much I live in the future or the past, and I want to practice being more in the present, enjoying the now. I’m happy that even though things are not going how I (or anyone for that matter) planned them, I can still rely on myself and my family and the fact that there is time. And there is now.

I hope you also had a great month, I look forward to June!



3 thoughts on “may”

  1. ohh dat tasje is zo leuk! en jaa, ik ben ook zoveel meer aan het lezen! echt zalig zo in de zon 🙂 je waterverf schilderijtjes zijn zo leuk trouwens!


  2. Mooi die waterverfmeisjes en je moederdagkaartje! Ik lees ook veel, vooral ‘s avonds in bed en ben veel aan het bakken. Jammer inderdaad van je uitwisseling maar begrijpelijk. Hopelijk kan je alsnog naar Engeland en zo niet kan je misschien gewoon na je studie daarheen.


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