christmas gift guide

The most festive, coziest, food-and-family filled holiday is almost upon us! And whilst there is a Christmas playlist melody playing I am typing up this blogpost. For a lot of people Christmas is the equivalent of gift-giving to the ones we hold most dear. In my family we don’t celebrate Christmas with presents, but in Holland we have a tradition at the beginning of December called Sinterklaas. That’s when we give presents to each other (& the littles get presents from Sinterklaas), so Christmas is basically about food & fam. But!! That doesn’t mean that I don’t need ideas for presents…

❄ ❄ ❄

for the artist 

jewelry diy – a trend I’ve spotted on Pinterest the past weeks are the Polymer Clay earrings. I love them. And why not make them yourself? If you like diy-ing give a personalized set of handcrafted earrings, or give the clay as a present for the crea his/herself!

aquarel set – A travel kit with watercolors is always a good idea. If the gift receiver already has a set, maybe you can find out what colors they would like to add to their collection. In lots of art shops you can buy the little palettes separately!

washi tape – an artist can never have too much washi tape. Enough said, right? At Hema they have beautiful star themed tape which I’ve been using non-stop since I got them.

for the booklover

brooklyn by colm tóibín – I got this book from a friend and I found it a great and thoughtful gift. It’s about an Irish girl traveling to the US to start a new job. A book full of new beginnings. Since I’m having some of those myself, I find such comfort in the book.

little women by louisa may alcott – A classic in a new coat. And more classics have a beautiful cover like this special edition. Beautiful flowers pop up from the front on other books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater – As you might know I love this series. So I highly recommend giving it to your YA, fantasy-loving friend or family member.

for the interior designer

starry starry banner – If you love stars and banners: this is the perfect gift to ask or to give to someone who loves it just as much. I must say you can’t go wrong with this one 😉

poster / art prints – This christmas, maybe consider shopping small. Take a look on Etsy to find an art print from your favourite artist on instagram to give as a gift to yourself or others! Or look for a vintage movie poster of their favourite film!

calendar – Every year I buy a new calendar, even though I don’t really use it a lot. It’s a nice thing to decorate some white walls with! The calendar on the picture is my 2020 calendar, from Sostrene Grene.

for the dearest

ring – Jewelry is something I always forget is a great gift for friends or family. My mom gifted me this ring from Artesia and I can’t stop looking at my hand (with the ring on it).

I hope this (bit of a last minute) gift guide gave you some inspiration. Good luck in this last few days of school or work. I hope you have a great Christmas next week with lots of happy smiles and laughter! 

3 thoughts on “christmas gift guide”

  1. I've put all the books on my tbr, they look so cute! And omg how cute are all this pictures and ideas? Since I love most of them, I feel like I'm a bit of everyone HAHA.


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