a little bit of winter

Softly the wind blows, touching the tops of my cheeks as I walk outside.
I look around me and see a world of white.
On the branches of the trees a little layer of powder, twinkling in the light.
The sun is invisible behind the clouds, who fill up the atmosphere.
Little prints of cat paws have appeared.
I breathe out.
A cloud whirls from between my lips.
I look up.
Birds twirl in rounds above my cold nose.
I hear the crackling sound of snow beneath my feet.
And think of how nice this weather can be.

Just a little bit of winterย 
saturday, 7th of january 2017

Wat vind jij fijn aan de winter?


12 thoughts on “a little bit of winter”

  1. Love dit! Maakt de winter gewoon aangenaam ๐Ÿ™‚ Ik houd wel van de dikke truien, sneeuw (als ik binnen zit), en lekker eten, hihi.


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